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NIGERIA: Between T.A. Orji and Abia people

Questions over a governor’s performance

It was in good faith that Dr. Orji Kalu, the former governor, and the people of Abia State, threw their weight behind Governor T.A. Orji in 2007 on the platform of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPA), having gained experience as a seasoned civil servant and Chief of Staff under the Orji Kalu administration. No one could have believed that a bureaucrat of that caliber could betray his people by failing to meet their yearnings and aspirations.

Five years into the Orji -led administration, it is no longer news that Abia is one of the worst states in Nigeria in terms of sustainable development. The governor’s inability to keep to his campaign promises is a crime against humanity; he has robbed Abians of their rights and privileges. At any forum, his statement is, LIBERATION OF ABIANS and LEGACY PROJECTS. Does Orji know the meaning of liberation? Or is he contradicting himself? His actions are inconsistent with liberation, rather he promotes oppression. He also claims his projects are legacy projects, perhaps he is talking of leaving a negative legacy by the expiration of his tenure of office.

T.A Orji claims he has liberated Abians. How come he cannot take any bold and meaningful decision without recourse to his godfathers to the detriment of poor Abians. He should please note that his administration has inflicted more pains on Abians, there is a wide incomprehensible gap between the state resources and the level of development in the state. The woes of the Orji- led administration include but not limited to bad roads , sack of non- Abians from the state civil service, non-payment and delay in payment of salaries, abuse of office, political intimidation, poor drainage system, insecurity, dirty environment and high crime rates. Little wonder the governor is unable to move freely in the state he governs   without military personnel.

In any organized environment, it behoves the government to be concerned with the good affairs of its citizens, but the Orji-led government sees this as the last principle of a sustainable development. The government has continued to build hope without anything to show for it since it came in the saddle. The government continues to use tactics of miscarriage of good governance as a legacy it will leave for the Abia people. This strategy defines the government’s ineptitude in serving the people.“Abians are not particularly comfortable with the new taxation system whereby proceeds of collection cannot be seen to have been put to use for collective state benefits. It is therefore not out of place to say that the government is only interested in the taxes of the citizens and not in the citizens welfare.

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