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Nigeria: Ndigbo urges President to address S’East roads, power

Members of a South-East socio-cultural organisation, Ndigbo Lagos, on Thursday met with President Goodluck Jonathan to discuss issues of grave concern to the region in particular and the nation in general.

They called on the Federal Government to take urgent steps in addressing what they called “the scandalous state of roads” in the region.

They also asked the President to give adequate attention to power and railway in the country.

A former Chairman of the Economic Summit Group, Prof. Anya Anya, who spoke with State House correspondents on behalf of the group, described the meeting as a successful one.

He said, “First, we had concerns over Aba Power Projects. I must say that it had been a very good meeting with Mr. President. He and his legal team sorted out what the concerns were. We had his assurance that not only the rule of law, but the agreements entered into would be respected.

“We also discussed other issues regarding the development of the South-East and indeed the whole of the South-East, South -South corridor up to Maiduguri.

“We talked about railways, we talked about the scandalous state of roads, we talked about the issue of power; it was a good meeting.”

On power, Anya said the group requested that there should be no further modifications to the plan for the Aba Power Project.

He said it would be wrong to be tampering with the project, which, according to him, was about to be completed.

He said Jonathan had given the group an assurance on the matter and the members were satisfied.

Anya stressed the need for a better information management on the part of the Federal Government in order to keep Nigerians abreast of steps being taken to better their lots.

He said, “If Nigerians get to know the responsiveness of Mr. President to issues like this, maybe people will recognise that, perhaps, a lot is being done.

“There is need for a lot more flow of information between we, the governed, and those who govern us.”

When asked whether issues bordering on politics featured in the meeting, Anya said the group was apolitical.



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