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Nigeria: Abuja residents raise alarm over fireworks

New Year fireworksSome residents of Abuja, yesterday, condemned the continued use of fireworks after the festive period.

The city had continued to experience fireworks and bangers three days into 2013, in spite of the intense firings on New Year eve.

A resident, Mr. Istifanus Friday, said: “One could hardly differentiate fireworks from any gunshots. The bangers were so much that I became confused.

“If a gun duel had ensured between two groups, one would hardly have known the difference.”

Another resident, Miss Grace Akanwa, said it was not proper for people to continue using fireworks after the festive period.

She said: “Criminals can take advantage of the confusing nature of the sounds to perpetrate crime.”

Some of the residents, however, commended security agencies for ensuring peace and security during the period.

Mr. Adbul Ibrahim, a civil servant, said the peace and security recorded in the city during the festive period was commendable. Ibrahim advocated greater support for the agencies to further guarantee the safety of lives and property in the city.

“It gives room for better association, interaction and development,” Ibrahim added.

He called for the replication of such level of security in other parts of the country.

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