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Nigeria: Ondo Election and the Demystification of Tinubu

onAkure — On Saturday, October 20, 2012, the people of Ondo State dealt a devastating blow on the ACN armada, led by its self-styled Leader, Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

About a week before the election, Tinubu had led ACN-elected governors and leaders to storm Akure in furtherance of their regional (expansionist) integration. With Iroko’s crushing defeat of Tinubu, sorry, ACN in Ondo State, his pipe dream of a creating a self-serving regional integration has gone up in flames. In other words, the results have turned his pipe dream of creating a regional financial empire under the guise of “integration”, into a nightmare.

By gleefully and impudently announcing that he gave Governor Mimiko “millions of Pounds Sterling” to ‘help him reclaim his mandate’, Tinubu unwittingly exposed himself as a Shylock businessman whose only interest is money, money and more money. By the way, Tinubu has not told the world how he came about the millions of Pounds Sterling he claimed he invested in Mimiko. We hope the relevant authorities heard him loud and clear.

We all now know why Tinubu came to campaign in Edo State- to protect the numerous contracts being executed by his firms in the state. How many million Pounds did Tinubu loan Oshiomhole? And how much of this burden are the taxpayers of Edo State compelled to bear each month? It is now clear why the self-styled godfather of the South-west states, and how his godfatherism is bringing ‘development’ to those states!

Instead of facing the expansionist agenda that brought him to Ondo State, Tinubu resorted to drawing comparisons between himself and Chief Tony Anenih, the much respected elder statesman and political leader. The only thing that can be said of Tinubu was that he rode piggy-back on the June 12 struggle to become Governor of Lagos State for eight sad years. Governor Tunde Fashola is still trying to clear the 8-year mess he inherited from this disgraced godfather.

Like most Nigerians, a former top adviser to the governor of an ACN-led state, Adams Oshiomhole, Mr Eric Osagie, has seen through the man Tinubu. Writing on the back page of The Sun of Monday, October 22, 2012, Osagie, the columnist, had this to say:”Honestly, I sometimes find it ironic and amusing, even hypocritical, the antics of political parties in the country. On the one hand, they accuse the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of seeking to perpetuate a one-party rule in the country; then when it becomes convenient, they make the case for regional integration of party and programmes…”In Ondo, Asiwaju Tinubu was the talisman touted by the ACN candidate to deliver votes for him. That turned out to be a grave miscalculation.”Need we say more?

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