How did Igbo Leaders become “boy boy” to Hausa, Yoruba and now Ijaw politicians?

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This question has been agitating my mind since the Xmas bombing that targeted Ndigbo at Madalla, Niger State and the zero reaction of our so called Igbo leaders. Not even one governor summoned the courage to speak out against the massacre of our people by Northern Nigeria terrorists. No member of the national assembly spoke up until January 12th when Senator Uche Chukwumerije angrily confronted the Nigeria state and declared that “Ndigbo will go to the United Nations to protect them if nothing is done”. It is on record that only members of Igboville were sufficiently concerned to organize a rally and deliver a protest letter to British Prime Minister, David Cameron, at 10 Downing street on 13th of January 2012. It could be said that this pioneering effort of members of Igboville woke up some of our politicians to speak up. Even then, it was tongue in check.

Why did they all keep quiet?

I have long observed 3 broad categorizations of Igbo-born politicians.

1. The North leaning group who will stop at nothing to impress their “slave masters”. They will rationalize every anti-Igbo action from the North and end up making Ndigbo look like the aggressors. This group will never stop blaming Ndigbo for the “mistake of voting Jonathan” in the last election. For them, Ndigbo are suffering the consequences of making wrong electoral choices. It is all about ‘I told you’ and not about the survival of the Igbo nation. Amazingly, most of our heroes and leaders of the 1985-2007 are in this group. They are mostly our best brains and most made sacrifices during the war of annihilation called the Biafran war. My guess is that having been defeated by the Hausa/Fulani power brokers, they want to survive politically by aligning with the victors, at all cost. Most of them were more interested in the “occupy for subsidy” campaigns than the “occupy to save Igbos championed by Igboville. No member of this group raised his/her voice against the genocide in the North. To date.

2. There is the Yoruba leaning “boy boy” of Igbo origin. Most of them live in Lagos and are enamored by the media platform provided for them by the Yoruba. While acting unconcerned about the massacre of Igbos in the North, they were ready to join “Occupy Lagos” and protest against subsidy removal. It doesn’t matter to them if subsidy removal will benefit Ndigbo on a long term basis. As long as they see their pictures in newspapers and are allowed to participate in live discussions programs on AIT and Channels, udo di. I watched in bewilderment as one of them spent over 30 minutes debating subsidy nonsense but never mentioned for a second the ongoing massacre of Igbos in the North. Amazingly, while this “Igbo leader” was vehemently defending the need to “occupy for subsidy” the rider on AIT was “5 Christians killed in Damaturu by Boko Haram”. I hope his children never gets to see the recorded version of that media interaction. May be a little more shameful will be those who after the NLC/TUC have called off their riots, went to Ojota to “occupy” and reassure their slave masters that they are “loyal”. One after the other, they shamelessly mounted the podium to fight a proxy battle but non mentioned the massacre of Ndigbo that was ongoing in the North as they hugged the klieglights. Tufiakwa!

3. There is this third group of new slaves called Igbo leaders. They were busy issuing statements on “Igbo support for fuel subsidy removal” with half hearted, tongue-in-check condemnation of the genocide against Igbos in Northern Nigeria. They are the new Ijaw slaves who are hell bent on impressing the incumbent President for “ratu ratu” purposes. Most are in Ohaneze while others call themselves governors and “elected representatives of Ndigbo”. Oga adikwa egwu! Only God knows how otherwise good Igbo sons and daughters freely became enslaved by Ijaws simply because they have produced the President. History will flog this group if our people that are willing to leave the North are not evacuated immediately.

Was there a 4th group?

Yes there was. These are the ones I choose to call Igbo bu Igbo. Most members of Igboville are in this group. Some of them voted Jonathan, others Buhari, in the last elections. They voted because of who they perceived, at the time, to represent the best interest of Ndigbo. Their only loyalty is to Ndigbo. If the Pro-North group will best protect Ndigbo, all well and good for them. If the Pro-West group will fight for Ndigbo, they will back them. For them, no permanent friends or permanent enemies, just permanent Igbo interests. They will demonstrate in London, Dublin, Helsinki and South Africa without minding who is for or against. They will force through Igbo interest articles in the various media houses where they work, even if the editor or publisher says no. They will stand up and contribute hard earned money to evacuate Ndigbo from Maiduguri even when they believe it was wrong ab initio for those Igbos not to have evacuated from the North before now. They are the “onye aghana nwanneya” Igbos. The only Igbo politician that shares their vision appears to be Senator Uche Chukwumerije. He is a member of Ohaneze, a supporter of the incumbent President, worked with the North in the past, yet brave enough to say “enough of killing Ndigbo”. When men and women of “timber and plywood” were hiding behind political correctness, he chose to be “politically incorrect” so as to save Igbo lives. I doff my heart for Senator Uche Chukwumerije and wish to personally encourage him to step into the shoes of our great Ikemba without fear or favor.

Come to think of it, have we really benefited from our support for Goodluck Jonathan? Can we point to any project, policy or appointments that specially favored Ndigbo because Jonathan is President? Story for another.

Today, let us contribute to evacuate our kinsmen from the North. It is a task that must be done TODAY. Kanyi gba oso taa, echi anyi guo mile,

JOK 21/1/12

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