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Winners emerge in Honda safety competition

Honda-BikeA motorcycle operator, Mr. Tope Salako, has emerged the winner of the 2012 Honda/Okada Riders Safety Competition after a series of riding safety tests at the Honda Training School in Ota, Ogun State.

He went home with a brand new ACE 125 version 2 Honda motorcycle.

The Managing Director, Honda Manufacturing Nigeria, Mr. Toshio Kuwana, told competitors at the presentation that the programme was meant to educate and sensitise motorcycle operators on safety rules and regulations.

The tests, he said, would make them to become responsible road users.

Kuwana also added that as a corporate social responsible organisation, which saw safety of lives as a matter of utmost importance, Honda had trained more than 900 motorcycle operators.

This, he said, had positively impacted on the motorcycle riders by helping to reduce road crashes as a result of non-adherence to safety consciousness.

He pointed out that the use of motorcycles had become more pertinent due to the topographical nature and road challenges in Ogun State because it could convey passengers through difficult terrains.

He said, “As a socially responsible organisation, we have over the years taken the safety of lives as a matter of utmost importance, hence the reason for the riding training/competition, the purpose of which to increase safety awareness amongst commercial motorcyclists in order to achieve the goal of reducing accidents on our roads.

“It takes three factors to ride a motorcycle effectively – man, machine and infrastructure. But man is the most important factor and as a result, we will continue to put more effort to offer safety riding training activities, especially with the seeming challenges on our roads.”

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