Glory Emeh was a mole who returned to the PDP alone – Rivers APC

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Despite restraining itself from dignifying the good riddance of Chief Glory Emeh who recently crawled back to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after his mission as a mole was uncovered, the Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, is however compelled to respond to the obvious kindergarten media propaganda Glory Emeh has been conducting in the media against the party.

The APC in a statement signed by its State Chairman, Chief (Dr) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya JP said not a few APC members knew that Chief Glory Emeh had hidden motives when he decided to leave PDP and join the APC a little over a year ago though the reasons he gave was his deep-seated dislike for the person of Gov. Nyesom Wike and his politics as against his preference for Dr. Dakuku Peterside’s style that tends to favour equity and fairness.

The statement noted that, “in less than 2 years of being accommodated in the APC, it became obvious to Chief Emeh that there were no secret activities by the APC that were worth spying upon and turning in to the PDP. Again, he could not get the kind of carte blancheticket to do whatever pleased him. The result was that long before he returned to the PDP, key members of the APC had known and started keeping a safe distance from him. Unknown to him, his meetings with the highest echelon of the Rivers State Government and the PDP were being carefully monitored.”

It reads: “When eventually Chief Emeh decided to beat a retreat back to the PDP, it only came as a surprise to just a handful. The APC hierarchy was well aware of his moves in advance. We were also aware of his efforts to lure a number of APC leaders and followers but they all rebuffed him. For the preservation of their persons, we will refrain from naming those APC members but we salute their stoic resistance to Chief Emeh. At the end, he could not even convince his relation and Personal Assistant (PA) to follow him to PDP.


“Since Glory Emeh returned to PDP empty handed and without anyone in tow, the only visible thing he has succeeded in doing is being in the front row with Gov. Wike at public events. The other things he has resorted to in order to shore up his well-known battered image in the eyes of his associates is attempts at portraying Rivers APC as being in disarray. This he is doing by planting falsehood in the local and national print media outlets.


“Yesterday (Tuesday), Chief Emeh caused to be published a news item and photo of obviously disorientated innocent villagers who did not know why their picture was being taken. He claimed that these hapless villagers were decampees from APC to the PDP in his village. This is the kind of propaganda Chief Emeh boasts about and claims to be an expert in. We wish him luck but we are convinced that he is not fooling anyone, not even his present PDP masters.


“The APC wishes to urge Chief Glory Emeh to leave APC alone as he relishes his new company. He did not and still is unable to take any APC members to the PDP. He lacks the clout, character and moral pedigree to so do. His empty boast that APC will soon be extinct in Rivers State is a cheap, pedestrian lie only meant to burnish his decrepit image and to please Gov. Nyesom Wike and PDP leaders.”

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