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Blaming the Biafra Agitators Instead of the Oppressors

biafra demonstration nnamdi kanu 7It is cowardly to blame the victims of murder by the Army and Police. Why do we live in a world where the victims are always blamed instead of the oppressors? Why do we live in the world where victims are always at the receiving end of the “blame-masters”?

When a woman is raped, the hypocritical and cowardly society of ours would not blame the disgusting rapist, but would blame the victim of rape. “What was she doing by that time of the night.?” “Why was she wearing a skimpy shorts or skimpy shirt.”? “Why did she go there in the first place.”?

When a little child is sexually abused or molested, instead of holding the stinking pedophile accountable, they would blame the poor little child. “Why did she go there alone.” “Why didn’t she shout for help.” bla bla bla. When a person gets robbed, instead of blaming the robbers, people would blame the victim. “You shouldn’t have carried that sum of money in your car.”

Why does our society make excuses for murderers in Army and Police uniforms and the shameless leaders that sent them to massacre peaceful protesters? Where in the Rules of Engagement does it say that you use a deadly weapon against a protesters that is neither armed nor threatened a law enforcement of military personnel? Only today, they shot dead about 8 people and injured scores of others. One of the victims was a young lady. What was their crimes? Because they called for freedom of Nnamdi Kanu from oppressive country called Nigeria.

The most annoying part of the whole thing is to see the so-called educated people and people that are supposedly enlightened, blaming the protesters instead of laying the blame on the over-zealous police and military men? Why do we have this notion that the high and mighty cannot be held to account for their misdeeds? The same people that would put Nelson Mandela’s picture in their profile would blame Nnamdi Kanu for agitating for self-government from Nigeria. The same people that would quote Martin Luther King Jr. would call Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafran agitators “charlatans”, “noise-makers”, “rouble-rosers”, “agitators” etc. They forgot that all these great leaders that we came to admire we once denigrated with labels like that. Moses was also called a murderer by his own people, that he was trying to liberate just because he asked a guilty party why he was fighting his own “brother”. “Do you want to kill me like you killed the Egyptian.”

Boko Haram declared a caliphate in the North East, and actually levied and are still levying war against Nigeria. They have killed over 15,000 civilians, killed hundreds of soldiers, burnt churches, raped women and young girls destroyed properties worth over billions of naira. But the army never over-powered them. In fact, the government is begging them to come to the table!

In developed world, you don’t negotiate with terrorists, period! But Nigeria is negotiating with them, releasing them from detention and asking them what they want. But agitators for self-government and the release of Nnamdi Kanu, who by the way is being detained for trump-up charges, even after a court of competent jurisdiction had ordered for his release 3 times; are being shot at for demonstrating against illegality, injustice and subjugation of a people by Hausa-Fulani oligarchy and their retinue of their lackeys and cronies.

These agitators had been pushed to the wall many times by the police and the army. No one has monopoly of violence. These law enforcement officers’ acts are provocative. They have taken too much for the owner not to notice. When these harmless agitators get armed and violent too, the so-called peace-makers and the so-called “food is ready” Igbo leaders would take their shameful heads out of the sand and do something.

The brute force of these empty skulls in uniform must be condemned by any decent society. I thought that the best way to press for your demands from your oppressor is through non-violent protest as the Biafran agitators had done. Everyone has a right to assembly and has a right to free speech.

The Biafran agitators must be commended for their discipline, organizational skills, persistence and fearlessness in the face of extreme danger. They denied themselves of the comfort of the arm-chair, enjoyed by even most of us subjugated people of Nigeria. They task themselves, organize, spend their own money for transport, food, telephone credits etc; camp out at the Niger Bridge all night, marched, sang, drummed and danced for Biafrans all over the world to be free. The least that we Igbos and other ethnic minorities that are equally victims of Nigeria; owe them is our support and our understandings. Even when we cannot do anything to support them, or do not buy into their methods, we should all desist from disparaging them by tacitly supporting the same evil men that should be thrown in jail.

Blood of the victims are in the heads of these blood suckers! Their own families must suffer for this senseless killings of innocent unarmed agitators. Any man that sheds the blood of the innocent, must live to face the Karma of his acts.

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