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Rivers State PDP in pitiable street carnival over appeal filed by Wike

The attention of the Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has been drawn to a ludicrous claim in a press release by the Rivers PDP Chairman, Felix Obuah and signed by his media aide, Jerry Needam to the effect that the APC is worried that outgoing governor Nyesom Wike has filed his appeal of the judgment that nullified his sham election recently.

Reading through the laughable press release, there was no single mention or allusion to any event or development within the APC fold or by its members to confirm such nonsensical statement. Perhaps the only fact that can be established in the entire 4-parahraph worthless press release is that either the authors need urgent psychiatric help or need some rehabilitation from long use of psychotropic substances.

One more thing that can be gleaned from the press release is that the PDP that produced Nyesom Wike is either unaware or has become blinded by its own tomfoolery to remember that the embattled governor had boasted time without number that if re-run elections were conducted 100 times, he would win 100 times. Surprisingly to the APC, when the situation presented itself on a platter of gold for Nyesom Wike to put his boasts to effect, he capitulated. If anything should worry the APC, it is our bewilderment at what manner of a man is Nyesom Wike who says one thing and does exactly the opposite.

The APC is shocked at the level of celebration by PDP individuals and groups since Nyesom Wike reportedly appealed the tribunal ruling yesterday. We ask: is it that the PDP now hunger and thirst so much for celebration having lost serially at the tribunal and Supreme Court recently that it has to set off on a street carnival just because Nyesom Wike filed an appeal? Has it really become that bad for the PDP in Rivers State? May be, it is necessary at this juncture to remind the PDP that APC national assembly candidates who lost at the tribunals have all appealed their matters without any fanfare whatsoever.

The APC would like to advise Messrs. Felix Obuah and Jerry Nedaam to meaningfully get busy with the arduous but messy business of ridding Port Harcourt and its environs of refuse rather than allowing themselves to be traumatised and distressed by the existence of the APC.

Chris Finebone

State Publicity Secretary

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