Wike’s allegation of Peterside kick-starting campaign, a vituperation of a drowning man

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Dr. Dakuku Peterside, governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Rivers State in the April election has described the allegation by Chief Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers State of launching his campaign ahead of the re-run election as wicked, malicious and the vituperation of a drowning man.

Peterside who spoke in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital said Wike and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Rivers State need sympathy because finally, they have come to their wits’ end. According to the APC chieftain, PDP’s desperation and proclivity for lies and outright misinformation is borne out of nervousness and fear of the impending governorship election re-run.

“I am aware that Wike and his associates who perpetrated the worst impunity and electoral fraud during the last general election are in panic. One would have expected a sober and repentant PDP after that landmark judgement but honestly, those guys are incapable of introspection.

“Rather than tow the path of honour, they have chosen, not only to pour invectives on the judges but also misinform the general public on issues around the judgement, particularly with regard to the card reader.

“For the avoidance of any doubt, I wish to state categorically that the fraudulent Rivers State election of March 11 was not cancelled only on non compliance and usage of the card reader. The judges cited other irregularities and breaches. For instance, the APC provided evidence that Dr. Chituru Orluwene who was INEC’s collation officer for Degema LGA is a known PDP member and was also a member of the PDP Campaign Organisation (the medical team). APC also established that known members of the PDP worked as INEC’s ad hoc staff for the election.

“Our party proved beyond doubt that in all the LGA’s, total accreditation for the Governorship Elections was at variance with that of the House of Assembly. We provided evidence with Omuma LGA where they alleged that election did not hold for Governorship but held for the House of Assembly. The same cheap and criminal manipulation took place in Wards 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 in Obio/Akpo LGA.

“The documents filed by PDP and Wike which showed photographs of the former governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi casting his vote at Ubima Ward 8, Unit 14 also failed integrity test because INEC could not provide results from the former governor’s unit. We also proved to the tribunal that results were clearly written while some were snatched. We pointed to the disparity on number of accreditation on the result sheets which is different from the tick of accreditation on voter register and the card reader report. APC also established the inconsistency between accreditation figures for Governorship and the House of Assembly elections even in same units.

“Again, APC proved that the RAC Centre at Asari-Toru LGA with electoral materials for 10 out of 13 wards was burnt, this is in addition to providing incontrovertible evidence that there was large scale violence across the state.

“I have gone through this whole length just to debunk the many lies of PDP. The question is: how could there be an election in an atmosphere of chaos and lawlessness?

“The propaganda and insistence that Wike was duly elected even in the face of undisputed evidence of violence and malpractices is now meaningless and sounding like a broken record.

“Unfortunately, the repeated attempt at portraying Wike as an excellent manager of men and resources is not only nauseating but laughable. This absurdity of false tales and propaganda was recently taken to another level when he was described by his agents as “the best governor in Nigeria today”.

“Instead of facing the real issue of monumental electoral fraud and violence, the governor and his spin doctors are busy misinforming people, obtaining loans running into hundreds of billions and mortgaging the future of our state, including the unborn generation.

“And what of the fictional and frivolous projects that are being peddled every where? These are all desperate attempts to hoodwink the general public and distract people from the unfortunate issues that brought Rivers State to this crossroads.

“Let me state here as a God-fearing person that there is no way I could have launched my campaign, knowing full well the dictates of the law and the consequences of such an action. Wike and PDP are the ones who are planning to kick off their state campaign next week and this is a well known fact.

“Unlike Wike, I detest impunity and lawlessness, and I am not somebody who takes delight in violating the laws of the land or constituted authority. I have a name and my background speaks for me! Those who know me can attest to my integrity, good breeding and respect for laws. These are qualities my opponent cannot flaunt publicly in good conscience.”

Sack Inko-Tariah to prove that you are protective of the judiciary – APC Tells Wike

The Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has called on Governor Nyesom Wike to prove that he is honestly and genuinely against the verbal assault on the Nigerian judiciary by his Spokesman, Mr. Opunabo Christian Inko-Tariah who described the judiciary as conducting judicial terrorism and gang-up over their rulings that separately went against Nyesom Wike at the Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

The Publicity Secretary of the party, Chris Finebone in a statement said, “The APC finds it curious and unacceptable for the Rivers State Governor to only go on air and pretend to denounce the behaviour of his appointee who had, on his behalf, declared war on the Nigerian judiciary and used all kinds of unprintable words against the nation’s judicial officers. Logic and standard administrative practice behove on Nyesom Wike to summarily dismiss Mr. Opunabo Inko-Tariah for portraying the government as in a state of utter confusion where officials say different things much to the confusion of the citizenry who are at a loss as to who to believe when officials speak.”

Continuing, the party said, “in effect, what the situation clearly signifies is that what we have in Rivers State is not a government but a gang of bandits where every buccaneer is lord unto himself or herself. It further underscores and confirms the widely held view by Rivers people that what Nyesom Wike is running is a one-man show in the name of government.”

To the APC, it did appear that Mr. Opunabo Inko-Tariah spoke the mind of his Principal, Governor Nyesom Wike because, ab initio, the latter had verbally villified the judiciary to the hearing of many including Mr. Inko-Tariah but was advised by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria from the Ogoni axis to desist from such as it could hurt the shaky journey of the caretaker governor as he approaches the Appeal and possibly the Supreme Courts.

It maintained that the accompanying public volte face by Nyesom Wike which culminated in the disowning of Mr. Inko-Tariah’s attacks on the judiciary was sheer pretence by Wike having found himself between the rock and a hard place in his war against the Nigerian judiciary.

For the APC, Nyesom Wike is merely making Mr. Inko-Tariah a fall guy for his own indiscretion against the Nigerian judiciary.

“He can only prove the genuineness of his later-day crusade to safeguard the judiciary if he can muster the moral courage to sack Mr. Opunabo Inko-Tariah” the APC advised.

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