With Chibuike Amaechi On The Ministerial List, Buhari Is Not Serious With The Anti-corruption Fight

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At last, Nigerians have been availed of the names of people who will form Buhari’s cabinet after the senate approved the list of 36 nominees last week. This came five months after the president took office.

Mr Buhari, who was elected in March partly on a promise to tackle corruption and insecurity, vowed to select competent and clean individuals.

But when the much-anticipated list was released, many were disappointed, asking whether the wait had been worth it, and whether those selected were the best in the country.

The 36 names approved by MPs, but yet to be given portfolios, include five former governors, nine lawyers, four former senators, three academics, two medical doctors, two retired soldiers and a clergyman.

Nigerians are of the opinion the list is full of old and recycled politicians who have been part of Nigeria’s problems. However, His supporters say the list shows he is committed to fulfilling his election promises, adding that age and gender do not matter at this stage because the country needs to be rescued urgently.

Some say his hands were also tied by the constitutional requirement to choose at least one person from each of Nigeria’s 36 states. Yet, others maintain that the list is made up of ex politicians who have been accused of embezzling their states’ fund and that that goes to show that the president is trying to rewarding party loyalists who emptied their states’ treasuries in contributing to Buhari’s election.

Former Gov. of Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi, has accused by his state of emptying the state’s treasury for Buhari. It is said that Amaechi bankrolled 80% of the total expenses Buhari’s campaign incurred during the electioneering period. He is the most controversial of all the appointees even though his inclusion did not come as surprise.

As one of the major contributor to Buhari’s campaign, many Nigerians see Mr Amaechi’s appointment as pay-back for the role he played in the president’s victory during the election.

However, Buhari’s choice of Amaechi for Rivers State has been heavily criticised since he was indicted by Rivers state’s panel of inquiry for allegedly enriching himself during his eight-year tenure as the state’s governor.

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