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What’s wrong with the ministerial list?

Well, nothing much; except the long wait. My first reaction when I saw the ministerial list was so the president kept us waiting for 4 months to give us Ameachi, Fayemi, Fashola, Ngige, Onu, Dalung, Alhassan, Dambazzau and others? I mean if these are the names then Buhari could as well just mentioned them in his inaugural address right after the line ordering the joint chiefs to relocate to Maiduguri.

I don’t buy all those explanations of they were being screened, being vetted, being interviewed. These names have been in the media since April 2015 na and if the President kept us waiting for 4 months we deserve some pleasant surprises like the inclusion of the names of some unknown technocrats. This should bother all of us, because if this is symptomatic of the president’s style of leadership then we are in for a long thing. But as usual with Nigerians, we won’t see this until it’s too late.

Na presido and his yarn spinners start this one sef. Nobody asked for saints. Nigeria has 36 states and Heaven is not one of them. So we didn’t ask for any saint. It was when the wait got too long that the idea was sold to us about the Buhari search for saints. Whether the names sent to the senate are saints cannot be ascertained by a mere mortal like me. I don’t have the tool for measuring the sainthood of anyone but the yardstick for measuring overboard characters is our judicial system; and no name on that list has been convicted yet. So, I submit that they are all above board legally to be ministers. I don’t think my training as a lawyer will allow me hold otherwise.

I can’t join others who are accusing Amaechi and others of stealing billions without having a shred of evidence to prove their assertion. Until the courts hold otherwise, they are all “saints” legally speaking.

First Baba Isa writes from Abuja


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