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The ministerial list: expertise, youth and experience

The ministerial list: expertise, youth and experienceA lot of furore greeted the publication of the ministerial list this week. This furore was premised on three grounds: whether the names on the list was worth the wait, whether the persons nominated have the requisite expertise to be ministers and the non-inclusion of youths in the list. I have dealt with the first issue in another post, so I will just adumbrate on the other two here.
Denotatively, the answer will be a resounding yes. Everyone on that list is a technocrat, everyone on that list has the requisite expertise to be a minister. But that is the problem: looking at it denotatively. When Nigerians call for technocrats and experts to be selected as ministers they are not looking at the dictionary definition of technocrats and experts; they are calling for men and women who can change their country for the better to be selected as ministers.

So let’s look at it from this angle. These men and women are technocrats and experts and most of these men and women have been involved in governance in Nigeria since 1999. So the question is has the lot of Nigerians been better under their watch? If the answer was yes then there won’t have been any need to vote Buhari and his change party into power. They told us PDP has been messing the country up for the past 16 years, we agreed and voted for them, and then they turn round and stated appointing past PDP governors and chieftains as ministers. How did PDP ruin the country na? Is it not through their elected officials and party chieftains? Or is being minister a reward to them for betraying their party and using resources and structures PDP helped them acquire to usher in APC?

They are experienced. Yes they are. But in doing what? Ruining the country? I don’t judge experience by how long you have been around a thing, experience should be judged by the results one has achieved. Don’t tell me Audu Ogbeh is experienced because he has been around since time immemorial, show me the impact he has made let me judge his experience therefrom.
The ministerial list is bereft of youths. This is scary. I just hope the president doesn’t believe that wisdom is the exclusive preserve of old age. That someone has been around doing something for a long time doesn’t mean he is the best person to get it done. No country can move forward where 19th century men are running the country in the 21st century with 20th century methods.

First Baba Isa writes from Abuja


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