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Indices of bad governance; enough is enough!

africa-nigeria-boko-haram-09192011Boko Haram…in Damaturu Borno State…65 reported killed, 92 bodies seen on the bombed church premises. This isnt just about a senseless reclamation against the West but it echoes the inactivity and corruption in the Nigeria Government. Boko Haram is sponsored from the money stolen from the Nigerian treasury by government officials and their allies. The joy of having increases by having, so their greed pushes them for more; when they dont get it, they sponsor violent groups like Boko Haram, while making unreasonable claims. think of it, what would somebody like Tony Annenih still be doing today in Jonathan`s government? Isnt it fear on Jonathan`s side against this man who had been in all civilian and military regimes since Shehu Shagari? Not because he has the love of the people at heart or because of the progress he has championed in the Nigerian politique but because of his political thuggery and impeccable corruption profile, and yet no prosecution charge has ever been brought against this man. Instead Jonathan makes him the Chairman of NPA (Nigeria Ports Authority) and acknowledges him as a “political fixer“ – fixer of crimes, huh! If Jonathan has such untouchables around him, even in their glaring records of corruption, why won`t we continue to see this kind of mess from groups like Boko Haram?

nigeria-boko-haramFellow Nigerians, it is time for us to show that we are really fed up. Fed up with bad governance, fed up with a government that doesn`t care about the plight of the common Nigerian – look at how many souls Boko Haram waste on daily basis, and the government cannot guarantee security and protection over its citizens. Goodluck Jonathan now surrounds himself in the Aso Rock villa with international security agents, but the Nigerian citizens are left unprotected and unsecured. He sees an option in going to negotiate with terrorists. Does any reasonable government of any nation in the world negotiate with terrorists? This is simply because there are certain individuals in the government who are behind these groups. From intelligence reports, the President has been well informed of these subjects. Can`t he dispose of them once and for all? Why is he so afraid? Why can this man not make use of his executive power and hold this country? Then tell me what good use is this kind of government? For a single life of an Israeli boy for example, we saw how the Israeli government released thousands of Palestinian prisoners. Imagine the number of Nigerian lives being wasted everyday in all parts of the world, and much more on Nigerian soil, yet the government isn`t bordered. I cry out again, enough is enough!


Chimaobi Clement Emefu,

Imo state.

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