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30 shop owners arrested in Borno for sponsoring sect

At least 30 shop owners have been arrested in Borno State for sponsoring the activities of terrorist sect, Boko Haram, reports say.

The suspects were arrested during a raid in Bensheikh and Mainok in the Kaga Local Government Area of the state, according to The Tribune.

A source, who chose to remain anonymous, reportedly said that the suspects are currently providing information, including names of prominent personalities, to security officials.

The source said:

“There are going to be surprises if President Buhari is going to act on information at the disposal of security agencies. The news doing the roundabout names of personalities involved in Boko Haram activities and sponsorships is going to shock many Nigerians.”

“Those arrests at Bensheikh last week when we raided the town is already giving signal to the fact that prominent people are involved with the Boko Haram activities. These shop owners are the suppliers of food items, money, fuel and other needs of the Boko Haram fighters. They also revealed how they attacked Bensheikh town to deceive people.”

This comes as Buhari vowed that Boko Haram would be defeated before the end of the year.

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