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NIGERIA: 14 dead in chlorine gas explosion

14 people have been confirmed dead after a chlorine gas explosion which occurred at the Plateau State Lamingo Water Board Treatment Plant on Saturday, July 25, 2015.

Many other residents of the area are said to be suffering from excess chlorine gas inhalation and are receiving treatment at OLA Hospital, Bingham University Teaching Hospital, Plateau Specialist Hospital and the Air Force Hospital in the state.

The incident has been confirmed by the Director of Press and Public Affairs (DOPPA) to the Plateau State Governor, Emmanuel Nanle.

“The contamination has been contained and does not affect the water, which has been supplied to public mains. Water from the public mains is safe for consumption and is not affected in anyway by the aerial contamination of chlorine from the explosion,” Nanle said.

“Government wishes to commiserate with the families of the victims of this industrial hazard and has taken immediate measures to address the issues of expired components of the treatment plant and to guard against future re-occurrence of this,” he added.

He also said that the state government was already taking measures to address the issue and prevent a future occurrence.

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