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Can Nnamdi Kanu wear Odumegwu Ojukwu’s shoe?

Nnamdi KanuAfter the demise of Obejiri na mma-agha Ndigbo, Eze Igbo Gburugburu and Ikemba Nnewi, Prophet, and future-teller Chukwuemeka ODUMEGWU Ojukwu, Igbos has wandered in the forest like animal that escaped from the zoo with no bush or forest in sight that could serve as a natural inhabitant.

Due to the gap created by his demise, Igbos became the most ridiculed tribe in Nigeria. The most humiliating insults came from two prominent Yoruba’s: Oba of Lagos and Professor Soyinka. Each took turns to lambast Ndigbo. The crime of the Igbos is because for the first time in history, they decided to vote with one voice; a fit other tribes accuse Ndigbo of lacking. With this rare achievement, other Nigerians became jittery. The Oba of Lagos threatened that Igbos would be drawn in the lagoon while Soyinka lampooned them as a tribe that votes based on monetary inducement. An allegation he denied and promised to support his denial with videotape. A promise he failed to fulfill till date.

Prior to this sad event, numerous moneybag elders, politicians and some former Governors (excluding Peter Obi) have all claimed to be Igbo leaders. They assembled themselves, collect money on behalf of Igbos and disappear. Two particular Arthurs, one from Anambra, and the other from Imo state are familiar with this leadership style. Even Uwazulike, the leader of MASSOB it was alleged collected huge sums of money from the government to whittle the efficacy of the peaceful secession demand. The news of his perfidy attracted serious condemnation and disappointment. To gain more support since his support from Igbo professionals has dwindled, he quickly ran to Eze Nri to be crowned with late Ojukwu’s title Eze Igbo Gburugburu ii. That attempt failed and made his agitation powerless.

All these occurred because Igbos as a people doesn’t believe in self-imposed leaders. Igbos follows leaders who without the intention to lead has played significant leadership role without asking to be a leader. One who at a given time filled the gap Ikemba created and made sound decision representing the views of the marginalized people of Igboland.

Mr. Nnamdi Kanu started his call for Biafra by distinctly setting up Indigenious People of Biafra (IPOB) after distintively identifying the gaps MASSOB created in their style of agitation and proactively closed such gaps. Gaps where intellectuals and professionals from Ndigbo has no role to play towards the actualization of Biafra, the dream of most Igbo man was perfectly identified and managed. He gave people who he believes know better than him listening ears for guidance. Nnamdi Kanu moved by exemplifying himself as a transformational leader against the previous transactional leaders that use the Biafra agitation as a cash cow, milking the Federal the Federal Government of Nigeria.


Nnamdi Kanu has epitomized himself as the rightful vertical replacement for Eze Igbo Gburugburu. He controls same mammoth crowd Ikemba Nnewi controls. He is eloquent and full of youthful aggression.

Recall that Ojukwu was never the political leader of Ndigbo, Nnamdi Azikiwe was while Ojukwu was the one controlling the crowd. Today, we have a political leader of Ndigbo in the person of Peter Obi the former governor of Anambra state playing the role of Nnamdi Azikiwe while Nnamdi Kanu aptly replacing the feared Odumegwu.

While this article is not in anywhere trying to suggest that Mr. Kanu can comfortably wear the shoe ODUMEGWU left. The shoe is too big for anybody to wear. However, Nnamdi can wear the shoe by padding it if he tones down his language especially when addressing other regions that made up of Nigeria.

If we recall, Ojukwu never used a caustic word to address Awolowo who betrayed him and inflicted so much pain and hunger to Ndigbo. Rather when OJUKWU heard of the demise of Chief Awolowo from this world said, ” Nigeria just lost a great gem”. He was later quoted that Awolowo was the best President Nigeria never had. Throughout his time, he never called Gowon names. He was a friend to late Emir Ade Bayero. Lagos state even returned back his Ikoyi residence.

Therefore, Nnamdi must sustain the Biafra agitation. However, we implore him to reduce drastically the caustic nature of Radio Biafra. Even from a PR perspective, abusive language is one of the deterrent appeal and continuous use of such would carve out the important people who will come up with strategic solutions that can move the agitation from the current phase to the next phase.

In conclusion, I commend Nnamdi’s astuteness, zeal and would want to tell him in Phyno’s voice that ihe balu aba-abago. The message is sinking massively and the combination of Sahara Reporters and Premium times cannot stop this rejuvenated moving train.


J Duke Anago


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