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Bombing Update: 20 dead, 50 injured in twin suicide blasts in Maiduguri

At least 20 people are believed to have died in twin explosions which rocked the city of Maiduguri in Borno State on Monday, June 22, 2015.

The first explosion was set off at a bus station near a fish market on Baga Road by a young female bomber, said to about 17 years of age, while a second bomber reportedly failed to reach her destination before her device detonated.

“We heard a loud explosion at about 3:50 pm (1450 GMT) while we were preparing for afternoon prayers. It happened right inside the motor park (bus station) attached to the fish market where labourers were sorting out rice,” Danlami Ajaokuta, a civilian vigilante told AFP.

The bomber is said to have come into the station under the pretence of being a food hawker.

“Suddenly, the casserole, which obviously contained explosives, went off. She was blown to pieces… We have sorted out 20 dead bodies and 50 others that were injured,” Ajaokuta added.

Another source told Vanguard that “immediately after the first blast, another female suicide bomber killed herself when the IEDs wrapped in her body accidentally went off before reaching her crowded target at a mosque close to the market.”

The police in the state have confirmed the incident but said that only twelve people died.

“Twelve people died including the bombers and many others injured,” Police Commissioner, Aderemi Opadokun told journalists.

The attack is believed to be the work of Boko Haram and is one of many bombings that have rocked Maiduguri in recent times.

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