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NIGERIA: Senator Ben Bruce urges Buhari to sell 11 presidential jets

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sell Nigeria’s 11 presidential jets.

Bruce also said that maintaining the jets N5.3 billion per annum is against common sense.

The Senator made the call via Twitter on Monday, June 22, 2015. He said:

“I appeal to @MBuhari to sell off our 11 presidential jets. Maintaining them at the current ₦5.3 Billion per annum is against #commonsense.”

“Does it make #commonsense that our presidential air fleet is larger than the combined fleet of the Queen of England and the British PM?”

“We need a common sense revolution. Though I know its not practical, I almost wish @MBuhari would appoint a minister for common sense!”

“The Annual cost of maintaining Presidential Fleet (₦5.3 Billion) can pay for 10k NYSC Corpers to start a business at 500k each #commonsense.”The Senator has been vocal about the need for the Nigerian government to adopt austerity measures to cope with the economic realities in the country.

Bruce was however recently criticized for not flying economy class on a weekend trip despite his anti-extravagance comments.

Meanwhile, Buhari is said to have ordered the sale of 9 presidential jets but the reports were denied by the Presidency.

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