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NIGERIA: Osun slams Senator Ben Bruce over plan to donate wardrobe allowance to unpaid workers in the state

Following Senator Ben Murray-Bruce’s announcement that he would donate his wardrobe allowance to unpaid workers in Osun State, the government of the state has reacted to the intending gesture.

According to a statement by the Osun State government, signed by the Director, Bureau of Communication, Semiu Okanlawon, Bruce is mocking Nigerian workers with the statement.

Okanlawon questioned the senator’s intention to help Osun workers of all the states battling unpaid salaries issue.

He said, “It is saddening and tragic that Mr. Murray Bruce whom many had  accorded a lot of respect is too early in the day joining the fray of politicisation and trivialising the salary issue affecting more than half of the states of the federation in this ridiculous manner.

“While Nigerians are in hot debate over the alleged jumbo pay and the mood of the country Murray Bruce seems to have turned the plight of Nigerian workers to a thing of an entertainment.

“Of all the states in the federation who are battling to pay salaries as a result of the precarious economic situation his party the PDP threw Nigeria into why is it that it is Osun he wants to take his pay to?”

He further stated that the honourable thing for Bruce, a People Democratic Party (PDP) lawmaker from Bayelsa, to do is to lead a protest asking for a slash in the jumbo salaries and allowances of the National Assembly senators , instead of embarking on a hypocritical charity to Osun workers.

“This is certainly playing to the gallery and nothing but a mockery in the faces of Nigerian workers and not only of Osun extraction. It is not only wicked but ungodly to play politics with the suffering of the people. If the Senator’s conscience tells him his pay is too high especially in the face of the prevailing economic predicament of Nigeria the most honourable thing to do is to lead a protest for reduction and not a self serving philanthropy only in the direction of Osun workers.” Okanlawon stressed.

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