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NIGERIA: 8 of Jonathan’s associates and aides expelled for “anti-party activities”

On Wednesday, the Bayelsa State executive committee of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) announced that eight political aides and associates of President Goodluck Jonathan have been expelled due to "anti-party activities."

According to Sahara Reporters, the expelled officials include:

Senator Nimi Bariagh-Amange (Head of the Directorate for Research and Documentation for the Presidential Campaign Committee of the Party)

Werinipre Seibarogu (Former Deputy Governor and State Coordinator of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeri)

Nestor Binabo (Former Speaker of the State House of Assembly)

Waripamowei Dudafagh (Senior Special Assistant to the President on Domestic Matters)

Osom Blackson (Personal Assistant to Senator Emmanuel Paulker)

Joyce Fuyuowei (Former Woman leader for the PDP)

Nestor Binabo (Former Speaker of the State House of Assembly)

Chamberlin Ikedi

Reacting to the expulsion, acting state chairman of the Bayelsa State PDP, King Serena Dokubo-Spiff said, “The decision came after careful deliberation of the report and unanimous adoption through a voice vote. Some were expelled, others suspended. While some were reprimanded and others exonerated. The Committee worked diligently and in accordance to the Party constitution.Those invited by the Disciplinary Committee were adequately invited and many turned up. But those expelled shunned the committee sitting.”

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