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Fuel Palaver: May 29 Handover Date Set to Be Postponed Indefinitely

Despite the recent Directive by a Senate Committee on Petroleum to Oil Marketers, the distribution of Petroleum Products to filling stations around the country has been very slow, causing commercial activity to grind to halt.

The Situation has been the same, From Lagos to Abuja, and the ramifications might become all too glaring after we got word that the Fuel Situation might result in postponement of the May 29 Presidential Handover.

News bits coming in from Aso Rock tell us that the outgoing Government is seriously considering postponing the Handover date, traditionally slated for May 29, to June 5, as a result of fuel scarcity.

An Aso Rock spokesperson told us, under condition of anonymity, that as at Press Time this morning, there was no Diesel in the Eagle Square Generator, and there had been no light at Aso Rock for the past 2 days.

“My brother how do we handover when there is no fuel? and you know PHCN or is it NEPA is pretty much non existent. We might have to consider moving it till this fuel palaver eases”.

Gen Buhari, who just arrived Abuja for the inauguration, was fuming when he was told about the possible postponement.

“Walahi, that is not fossible. We must hand over on the 29th. I farsonally brought my own generator with me. I will not take no por an answer, the show must gwo on”.

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