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6 jailed for sharing taxi with Ebola infected corpse

For allegedly travelling in a taxi with an Ebola-infected corpse, 6 people have been put in isolation in prison in Guinea.

Reports say the body, which was the corpse of a police recruit from Forecariah town towards Conakry, was seated upright in a taxi, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans with sunglasses and sandwiched between three others.

They were subsequently stopped at an Ebola checkpoint where security officials became suspicious when the seemingly well-dressed passenger remained motionless.

This was made known by the head of Guinea's Ebola response, Dr Sakoba Keita who added that it is such actions that account for the continued spread of the Ebola epidemic.

The 6 will be observed and if after 21 days  they show no signs of having the virus they will be tried for violating the health emergency.

Guinea is battling to control a flare up in Ebola cases and according to BBC, just 9 days ago only 9 patients were in Ebola treatment centres countrywide, but now that number has risen to nearly 30 cases.

Guinea has accounted for over 2,500 deaths since the beginning of the deadly Ebola virus outbreak.

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