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Shocking: Church Generator Runs On Anointing Oil Due To Fuel Scarcity

It was with awe and spiritual reverence that our correspondent stationed at Surulere area of Lagos State attended a church which held its service with fuel from anointing oil.

Our correspondent who had no fuel to make the journey to his own church of worship at Anthony, hence he decided to trek to a church in the neighborhood.

Many worshippers were charging their phones, laptops, and power banks at the church and some were even charging inverters. Our correspondent was not even surprised to find some persons ironing their clothes at the backyard of the church while service was going on.

Out of curiosity, our correspondent sauntered to th backyard to make an investigation on the source of the church’s inexhaustible power supply.

He was surprised to find many empty bottles of anointing oil just beside the generator.

It was when it was time for the word that the Pastor made a shocking revelation that the church service was being run on anointing oil because they were unable to get desiel to power the generator the night before.

However, our correspondent was unable to take pictures of the generator because his phone and camera batteries were down.

This is so cool and we are advising th spiritually inclined readers of FNN to try this at home. However make sure you have a valid insurance policy on your generator before you attempt to pour anointing oil into your generator because FNN will not be liable for any miracle which might occur in case your generator decides to start speaking in tongues.

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