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NIGERIA: Jumia To Start Selling Fuel Online

With the current scarcity of fuel and Petroleum Motor Spirit in Nigeria, many Nigerians who have long since resorted to dealing with and buying from black market operators to ease their pains have also been begging the Federal Government to explore alternatives to the use of petroleum products in the country.

The latest news reaching our headquarters however is that popular online retail stores are gearing up to start delivering fuel online to her customers.

This intent was made public through the Publicity/Media Director of Jumia Retail stores in a Press Release.

According to him, the management of have finally decided to listen to the wishes of Nigerians and will start distributing fuel online through her agents.

According to him, the market demand for a product determines its supply, and with the demand for Petrol incredibly high in this period, it is only rational for a retail store to engage in its supply.

Furthermore, he was quite certain that there is currently no legislation prohibiting the sale of petroleum products by online retail services in the country.

When asked how much th fuel will be sold per liter, he said that the company hadn’t yet finalized on the price, but it will be within the range of N120/Litre exclusive of delivery costs.

Nigerians are advised to keep a sharp lookout on website so as to not be left out in this opportunity.

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