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Boko Haram Warns Trekkers To Desist

The dreaded Fundamentalist Group Boko Haram have issued a stern warning to all those who are currently trekking to felicitate with any of the winners of the previously concluded 2015 General Elections. This warning was issued through a YouTube Video Post, where a hooded spokesman surrounded by the Sects’ flag and armed terrorist claimed that th Boko Haram minions were manning the routes from Maiduguri to Lagos through Abuja, and they would not hesitate to maim anybody they find trekking along that route.

In fact, according to their spokesman, the top members of the Boko Haram Sect are grossly unhappy that no body endeavored to trek for them after all they have done to restore sanity in Northern Nigeria. According to him,
“We the Boko Haram revolutionized Islam in Nigeria and we helped to instill the fear of Allah in Nigerians. Yet nobody trekked for us. This Man they call GMB has not even done anything yet and everybody is trekking for him. Walahi Talahi if we catch anybody trekking on the road again we will cut off that persons legs. Let him see whether GMB will care anything about him after we cut off his legs.”

Meanwhile the Nigerian Army in a reply to this threat decided to call is bluff and encourage Nigerians to g about trekking without the fear or Boko Haram. According to the DMI, 14th Brigade, “What does Boko Haram mean when they say they will maim trekkers? Which weapons will they use? The battle against the Boko Haram terrorists is almost over and we have cut them off at different points. Please anybody that want to trek should go on trekking. In fact we are waiting for Nigerians to trek to celebrate the Nigerian Army”.

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