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DIA: Military says banking system frustrates effort to track Boko Haram funding

The Chief of Defence Intelligence of the Nigerian Army, Rear Admiral Gabriel Okoi has said that banking system frustrates its effort to tracking the sources of funding of the terror group Boko Haram.

While speaking to journalists shortly after the closing ceremony of the Deputy Defence Advisers/Attaches and Librarian training conference in Abuja on Wednesday, May 20, Okoi said the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) is taking steps to track the sources of the terrorists’ funds anyway.

On the funding sources, he said; “We are doing something about it. It is just because of the system we have in Nigeria and the banking system does not allow you to really go into much of those things.

“They have been empowered now; we have given them all they need, we told them how they should go about intelligence gathering, so we expect positive results from them.”

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