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NIGERIA: Man who steals car parts with his Hummer Jeep caught

It was a case of everyday for a thief, but one for the owner of the property when a highly respected man living in an highbrow estate in Lagos, Harmony Estate in Ifako, Gbagada area of the state, was caught stealing car parts from parked vehicles in the estate in broad daylight.

The man who hitherto had been seen as an example of a hardworking man lives large, driving a Hummer 2 SUV Jeep but unknown to other residents, he as the one putting them in tears anytime they park their vehicles in the streets only to realise that some parts in the cars were removed.

But it was a day of reckoning when the supposedly rich guy was nabbed red handed and parts like vehicle's brain boxes, headlights and other parts were discovered hidden in his jeep.

His cup was full when the security men smelled a foul play when they saw the man drive into the estate when most people had gone to work and they trailed him only to realise his nefarious acts.

This time, he was not that lucky as he was caught and given a serious beating before he was handed over to the police.

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