We Will Shut Down All South African Businessess In Nigeria Including MTN, DSTV- Tolu Adesanya

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The South African government has been given 48 hours to stop xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals and their shops or else their companies abroad will be shut down.

An official with the newly elected All Progressive Congress (APC), Tolu Adesanya, confirmed to eNCA that they handed down a memorandum to the South African embassy in Lagos on Wednesday.

In the memorandum, the APC party officials and members of civil society groups have demanded that South Africa take swift action against attacks on foreign nationals.

Adesanya said that Nigeria will shut down South African businesses if their demands are not met by South Africa.

“We actually handed a letter to the South African embassy yesterday, making them aware that we are not happy with what is going on in South Africa. Should there be any more attacks, we are going to shut down South African businesses in Nigeria. That is MTN, Multi Choice, Shoprite etc,” said APC official Tolu Adesanya.

APC officials and civil rights groups planned to march to a South African embassy on Thursday.

Thursday’s march has been supported by African Diaspora Forum.

ADF’s Vice Chairman Jean-Pierre Lukamba told eNCA that “actually they (Nigerians) don’t have a choice”.

South African companies in other African countries include cellphone company MTN, retail giant Shoprite, and satellite TV provider Multi Choice among others.

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