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‘Corrupt INEC officials robbed APC of victory in Rivers’ – Lawmaker alleges

The lawmaker representing Emohua constituency in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Hon. Chidi Lloyd has said his party, All Progressives Congress (APC), did not lose in the keenly contested elections in the state but robbed of its victory.

Lloyd, who is the Majority Leader in Rivers State House of Assembly and seeking fourth term bid into the state legislature, said this in reaction to the cancellation of the State House of Assembly election in his LG.

“We campaigned to the voters on our pedigree and we convinced the voters to vote for APC but little did we know that they had some corrupt officials of the INEC who were sent here with a script on what to do in Rivers state. And the Resident Electoral Commissioner shamelessly came here to supervise this kind of social ebola that has taken place in Rivers state.

“If in a local government area two elections were conducted simultaneously what was the premise on which one was announced and the other cancelled. That is what I keep telling people at different fora that what happened in Rivers state on the 28th of March and on the 11 of April are just a political telemundo.

“An election that has been acclaimed by the national and international observers to be flawed with violence; in fact one of the groups said the election did not meet the minimum requirement set by the INEC, yet a cooked result was announced,” Lloyd said.

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