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NIGERIA: Mad man takes over council in Akwa Ibom

It was a scary sight as a mentally deranged man took over the Abak local government secretariat in Akwa Ibom State and practically chased away workers with a sharp machete.

According to reports, the mentally deranged man managed to sneak into the office of the council chairman, Hon. Joseph Ikpaisong, after he had broken into three offices and carting away files before converting the chairman's office to his own

A member of the state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), who was a witness to the scene, the lunatic was muttering something concerning Governor Godswill Akpabio sending him to take over the council following widespread allegations of fraud, indolence and other malpractices leveled against the council chairman.

The witness who is an employee of the council, lamented the porous security at the secretariat which made it easy for the mad man to enter the council and hold everyone hostage.

"How can a mad man pass through the gate in the daytime and broke into people’s offices without being detected until he vandalized offices and settled down in one?"

It took the intervention of the police before the lunatic could be overpowered and normal duties resumed in the secretariat.

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