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Echoes from Lagos residents on elections

Being the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world, with a population of over 21 million habitants, the Presidential and Federal legislature elections hindered several activities of the state. The Governorship and State House of Assembly election coming up in four days time will also be the major activity this week.

Due to the importance of the elections, several businesses have not been able to operate optimally and have not drawn a budget due to the uncertainty of the new government.

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos, last week at a forum said that with the state of things in the country, every hands should be on the pump to build the country. Fashola who spoke at the Ikoyi residence of the national leader of the , Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, said the two main parties ran a very fierce campaign in the build up to the March 28 elections.

“I think both sides ran a very fierce campaign. So you can imagine as they say: The fiercer the conflict, the sweeter the victory but what is important now is building Nigeria really and so it is every hand to the pump really,” he said.

During the weekend, the governor also said that the state needs support from the federal government in several sectors and departments. “When Lagos was the capital, it used to get support for bridges, roads, security, ecology, among others. In the last 16 years, all federal government roads were maintained by the state government. We have spent N51 billion to maintain federal assets in the state,” he affirmed.

The Lagos State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Akin Orebiyi said: “Again, INEC regrets this and at the same time we also at the right time allowed manual accreditation which was also to all parties and not just one. So to that extent, I don’t think a single party can now accuse INEC of undermining its fate at the expense of another. “We are going to look at the workings of the smart card readers, see where things had gone wrong, and look for ways to improve. We need to understand the guidelines for the conduct of elections,

“If for example, in a polling unit, there was something untoward, it is at that polling unit you raise objection. And by the time we take the results from the ward, you can also object there so that polling unit result will not be collated at the ward level.” Several residents of Lagos aired their views about the March 28 elections and the upcoming governorship election this Saturday.

Ogenekhewe Onovre who lives in Victoria Garden City said: “The Presidential and National Assembly Election went well in some parts of Lagos, but there were several hitches in my own area. The election did not commence till 3pm. People living in VGC were requested to come with flashlight before voting as darkness enveloped the polling centre and INEC officials could not make out the names on the list. “What can we do? We had to bring the lights to fulfil our civic duties and it is our right to vote.

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