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Nigerian weddings and their outrageous costs

It’s beginning to seem like couples are going out of their way to outdo one another on the marriage front. Wonder what the competition is all about when we all know fingers are not equal.

Everyone wants a wedding ceremony that would become the talk of the town, but how many of your town’s people will contribute to sorting out your debts after the actual ceremony?

Research has discovered that an average wedding in Nigeria now costs up to two million naira. Shocking isn’t it? This is the cost for an average wedding. Imagine the overhead costs for a real society wedding. Bet that got you thinking. How many couples can actually afford to spend 2m on a one day event?

They seem to forget that life goes on after these wedding ceremonies and end up struggling to survive and pay debts. It could take as long as 2 years for most of them to recuperate. So once again, is it really worth it? Think about that before you go off planning your own weddings.

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