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5 important things Emir of Kano said during CNN interview [VIDEO]

The Cable News Network (CNN) recently had an interview with the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

During the interview, which aired on Wednesday, March 18, the former Central Bank Governor spoke to Christiane Amanpour on Boko Haram and the missing $20 billion oil funds.

Here are five important things he said during the interview:

    My position in the Central Bank was that there was always this gap of $20bn after reconciliation between what the NNPC exported and what it deposited into the Federation Account.   I raised a number of issues that I think have not yet been discussed and addressed sufficiently.

    “It could be $20bn at the end of the day. After reconciliation it could amount to $14(bn) or $12(bn) and I think these issues reflect unconstitutional and illegal withholding of revenues from the Federation Account.

    The petroleum sector is a major drain on the resources of the country and this has to be looked at.”

    If I had a way of knowing that if Boko Haram took my life, they would stop killing people in Nigeria, I would give my life. I have nothing else to aspire to, I have achieved.

    The idea of Boko Haram or anyone aligning themselves with ISIS is frightening partly because these are groups that represent a lunatic fringe in Islam and who are very ruthless.


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