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APC Thugs Disrupt Catholic Church’s Governorship Debate as ‎Okorocha’s Aides Manhandle Priests

A debate for governorship candidates organized  by the Owerri Catholic  Archdiocese was this morning disrupted by a band of hired thugs of the APC Government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha.
Also two serving Commissioners,  Mr. Chidi Ibe and Uche Mbanaso physically assaulted and pushed down a Rev. Father and destroyed public Address System  to further put an end to the planned debate.
The Government bought uniforms of Catholic Women Organization   which were distributed unsuspecting women to pass of as genuine while some APC supporters among them attacked IMO widows Association members.
Gun bearing members  of Okorocha Security Network gave protection to these women and thugs as they disrupted the event.

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