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Bodies of victims killed by ‘Calabar Killer Cops’ found

In the past few months, some communities in Cross River State has been at the mercy police officers where innocent citizens and perceived enemies of some politicians have been killed at random by officers of the law and their bodies sold to he anatomy department of the University of Calabar.

But CrossRiverWatch, a fearless online publication has been doggedly pursuing the different cases, was able to get pictures of the remains of the six victims of the extra judicial killing by the notorious 'Calabar Killer Cops'.

According to the platform, the victims were gruesomely murdered by the blood thirsty cops on April 17, 2014 after they were branded robbers by the cops.

"An investigative panel set up by the former AIG Zone 6 after CrossRiverWatch exposed the lie, indicted the policemen and recommended their trial for murder.

Though some powerful politicians tried and are still trying to cover up the killer cops, 14 of them have since been rounded up and are presently in custody awaiting the resumption of courts from strike for their trial to commence.

After ten months of hide and seek and repeated denial by police authorities that they did not know where the bodies where, CrossRiverWatch was able to get access to the bodies at the University of Calabar anatomy department."

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