‘Our victim’s daughters drove expensive cars’ – Robbery suspect

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Two members of a four-man armed robbery gang which the police say has been terrorising residents of Isolo, Oshodi and Ikeja in Lagos State, have told the police that they robbed a particular victim because his daughters drove expensive cars and were proud.

Ihenachor Samson and Raphael Ugbekele, were arrested by operatives of the Lagos State Investigative Bureau (SCIB), after successfully carrying out a robbery operation in Bucknor Estate in Isolo.

The gang, according to police report, had attacked the house owned by a prominent lawyer after the gained access into the compound through the back fence and made away with the family's Porsche Chyes SUV, house appliances, plasma television, home theatre, clothing and other valuables.

After the victim made a report to the police, the SCIB swung into action and traced the robbers to their hideout and arrested Samson, who led the police to arrest Raphael.

Speaking to the police during interrogation, Raphael, who said he only returned from Ikoyi prisons after serving a jail term, said:

"It was at Ikoyi prison that I met the two members of the gang. I am the leader of the gang. I was the one that brought the guns that we used for operations.

One of my associates whom I met at Ikoyi prisons gave me the guns. After I returned from prison I began to squat with my cousin in the estate.

I decided to rob the barrister because his daughter’s drove expensive vehicles arrogantly in the neighbourhood.

We were able to carry out the operation successfully because I have watched and monitored them closely."

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