Couple kill 3-day-old baby to cover up pre-marital sex

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To cover up evidence of their pre-marital sex which is an abomination according to Sharia Laws, an young couple in Kano State, Aminu Mustapha and Faiza Haruna, have strangulated a 3-day-old baby girl in Rijiyar Lemo in Fagge local government area of the state.

According to Weekly Trust, the couple got married two months ago without anyone knowing that the 17-year-old wife was pregnant until she gave birth to a baby girl last weekend.

To hide the fact that they had engaged in pre-marital sex before they got married, they allegedly killed the baby and buried her in their neighbourhood.

A neighbour said Faiza delivered the baby at home without the help of any medical personnel.

"During the pregnancy, she didn’t attend any antenatal clinic. It was we that assisted her during child labour. She delivered the baby safely and we assisted her with all the necessary cleaning up.

Hours after giving birth, Faiza started telling people that the baby was sick. We advised her to take the baby to hospital but three days later, she and her husband returned home without the baby.

We drew the attention of Hisbah officials and they were arrested because we suspected foul play."

It was at the Hisbah office that Faiza confessed that she killed the baby.

The Hisbah commandant in Fagge local government, Ustaz Salisu Umar, said the couple killed the baby to cover up their premarital affairs.

In her confession, Faiza said:

"I gave birth to the baby and killed her myself. I did so to avoid embarrassment from members of our community. I was impregnated by my husband before we got married.

I didn’t use anything; it was my bare hands that I used in killing her.

I went into my room when my husband was not around and strangulated her."

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