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Do you think Patience Jonathan is jeopardizing her husband’s re-election chances?

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that the way First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan is going in her campaigns for her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan could end up losing out in the March 28, 2015, presidential elections.

Those who toe this line of thought believe that her inciting statements at various PDP Women Rally across the country, instead of garnering the support base she so craves for, will ultimately alienate the electorates, some of whom are fed up with the actions and words of the First Lady.

A case readily pointed at is the statement she made in Calabar, Cross River State, where she told the women at the rally that they should stone anyone who shouts 'change' at them.

Change is the slogan of the main opposition party, All Progressive Congress.

In Sokoto State, the First Lady was quoted as saying that the PDP will rule the country for the next 60 years while at another rally, she was reported to have compared the PDP to God with the powers to save Nigeria.

In Asaba, the Delta State capital, she allegedly compared the APC to bus conductors who ask passengers for 'change'.

With all these and other brazen manner of talking, political analyst fear for the re-election bid of the President.

On Morning Teaser today, we ask: do you think the words and actions of the First Lady could jeopardize the President's chances in the election?

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