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Jonathan would win over 90% of votes cast – Akpabio

Rising from an over four hour meeting between the president as well as governors and candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party at the Presidential Villa in Abuja Monday Night, the chairman of the PDP governors Forum, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State said that president Goodluck Jonathan would win over 90 percent of the votes cast across the country in the first ballot.

Addressing state House correspondents after the meting, Governor Akpabio said the meeting took stock of what has been going on so far and came to a conclusion that the opposition is in disarray.

The Akwa Ibom state governor claimed that the propaganda which has been sustaining the opposition All Progressive Congress has come to the end of its tethers.

“The meeting was just to take stock of the situation on ground and the report is very favourable. It looks like on the first ballot, we will win well over 90 percent of the votes across Nigeria.

Today, Nigerians are much more aware of what the PDP administration under President Goodluck Jonathan has been doing.

“I want to commend not only the President but also members of the Federal Executive Council who have opened the eyes of Nigerians to know that so many things have been done in the different sectors of the economy.

“It was as if people did not know these things because the opposition took over and they kept saying PDP was doing nothing. Yet, in four years of the President’s tenure, he has achieved far more than any President had ever done in the history of our country.

“We are very proud of the achievements of the PDP, not just at the federal level but also at the different states.

“If you want to assess state-by-state, pick the opposition’s best APC state in Nigeria and compare it with the best state of the PDP, you will see that we tower above the opposition in all ramifications” he said.

The Akwa Ibom governor said contrary to the insinuations in some quarters that the March 28th Election would be determined by factors other than one’s pedigree, Nigerians would vote based on the performance of the candidates.

He boasted that Nigerians will come together and vote massively for President Jonathan just as they did in 2011.

“The next election, particularly the election of March 28 will be about performance and issues. Nigerians have since gone above the level of tribalism and ethnic or religious differences. God put us together in this country and He knew that we are a multiplicity of religions and tribes” the governor said

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