Don’t allow opposition intimidate you, Jonathan tells PDP candidates

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Abuja — President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, encouraged candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the forthcoming elections not to be intimidated by opposition candidates and parties who had nothing to show.

As evidence of the superior achievements of the PDP governors, the President said it was only in PDP controlled states that he had been able to see quality Government Houses and Presidential Lodges.

The President spoke at the launching of Ward Volunteering Scheme at the Presidential Villa, yesterday.

Noting that the party had done well at all levels of government, the President said: “It is only in PDP states that things are working. If I compare the quality of Government Houses and Presidential Lodges, the ones in PDP states are better in quality, even state universities opened by PDP states are better

“The PDP states are committed to education, but sometimes people come and say we have done nothing, and the intimidation is more to the extent that even in the states where we are more, where we even have PDP governors, they come to intimidate us, and we have to resolve that we cannot allow people who are not up to us to intimidate us.

“Well, at the national level we cannot compare our standards with theirs, because they have not had the experience and we will not give them the opportunity, but I know they will not do well. PDP is the only party that can bring about peace in this country. And I always say that when you see people talking and you see the bitterness in their hearts, you see the frustration, the anger, and you see them as people who are already feeling guilty. If you don’t have a forgiving heart, if you don’t have a clean heart you cannot rule Nigeria, because you cannot give out what you don’t have.”

According to the President, what has affected the fortune of the party is the inability of its members to market the party and its achievements to Nigerians, detailing the achievements that the party has recorded in all sector across the three tiers of government.

“And PDP has done well over this period. I’m happy that our states houses of Assembly, some of them are here, the local government chairmen of the party are also here. PDP has done very well, but we have not been marketing the achievements of our party. Sometimes you see people that have done nothing coming to intimidate us. Yesterday when I was in Lagos with some young people, I told them that they can set up their own independent monitoring group to assess us, we are doing better than others,” the president said.

Chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum, Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State called on the candidates to campaign for PDP at all levels saying that the fortune of the country can be better improved with a PDP government.

Following the launch, the president resorted into a meeting with PDP governors. The meeting which started at about 5:30 pm at the new banquet hall of the Presidential Villa was ongoing at the time of filing this report.

Although the agenda of the meeting was not made known, it may not be unconnected with the preparation for the election.

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