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EXCLUSIVE: US Investigator exposes APC, proves Buhari’s ‘London’ Interview was previously recorded in Transcorp Hilton, Abuja (Analysis with Photo Evidence)

Buhari Absent at UK Meeting

When it comes to Buhari’s health, seems things are much worse than previously thought After it was revealed on Friday that Buhari had snuck into the UK (enroute to the US) for medical reasons, APC panicked.

We were told about two ‘secret’ events he allegedly attended, but he was missing from the one public event he was scheduled to attend, and was instead represented by his wife and youngest daughter.


With notable APC stalwarts and propaganda channels leading the charge, we were deceived into thinking Buhari met with Tony Blair yesterday, he hadn’t. We had naively given them the benefit of doubt:


We were also fed the line that Buhari had granted an interview to a Local TV Show, ‘All Eyes on Africa’
Local TV Show - Buhari2


Problem is, just like we were lied to about the Blair meeting, we were lied to about the TV Show as well. Here’s why:

He was allegedly interviewed by , Kemi Fadojutimi, for ‘All Eyes on Africa TV Show.’ Firstly, Kemi & her show are based in Maryland USA, not London, UK.


Secondly, Kemi is involved with APC politics, even going as far as presenting ‘awards’ to APC stalwarts like Rauf Aregbesola, so not a secret where her sympathies lie. She’s biased, a political operative, not a neutral journalist.Kemi Fadojutimi Osun Defender

Thirdly, the interview took place at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja during Kemi’s Nigeria visit. Here is a picture of the ‘King Ambassador Suite’ taken from the Hilton websiteand a picture of the room where Buhari was interviewed:

 Transcorp Hilton RoomBuhari Interview Transcorp Hilton Room

A casual observation indicates that contrary to APC’s claims that Buhari was interviewed in London, he was actually interviewed in a ‘King Ambassador Suite’ at the Transcop Hilton, Abuja. One merely needs to look at:

The ridges of the coffee table:

Coffee Table Transcorp Hilton Coffee Table Transcorp Hilton BUhari Interview


The Design of the Couch:

Couch Transcorp Hilton Couch Transcorp Hilton Buhari Interview


The Side Tables by the Couch

Side Tables by Couch Transcorp Hilton Side Tables by Couch Transcorp Hilton Buhari InterviewThe Two Picture Frames positioned over the Couch

FramesOGPicture Frames Over Couch Transcorp Hilton Buhari Interview


The design of the carpet:

Carpet Transcorp Hilton Buhari InterviewCarpet Transcorp Hilton Buhari Interview


and for the Coup de grâce, the bottle of Aquafina.

Aquafina at Buhari's interview at Trancorp Hilton, Abuja

Here are both pics with these similarities pointed out.

Transcorp Hilton, AbujaBuhari Interview- Transcorp Hilton, Abuja


Of course Buhari acolytes will claim the interview was conducted in London, sometime in the  last 48 hours, forgetting that though many Nigerians were born at night, none who shall be voting were born last night. Just as well, since at this point, most Nigerians know APC as a party and those who defend it specialize in blatant lies.

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