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Memories of Grandma… towards reviving society’s values

With an unwavering commitment towards the promotion of diverse rich cultural heritage of the different ethnic groups in Nigeria, on-air personality, media trainer, and accomplished civil servant, Mrs Funke Durodola presented to the public, her book, Memories of Grandma. The book presentation which took place last week at the Freedom Park, Lagos, attracted a mixed audience which includes, journalists, politicians, academics as well as the religious.

Memories of Grandma, a memoir, reminiscent of the days when moral values were held in high esteem, with the extended family system breeding a crop of individuals that make up a society with high moral standard, was published with the view to sensitising the young ones on the need for a cultural revival. The event presented an opportunity for those in attendance, to lend their voices on the need for a cultural revival through publication of more books aimed at preserving and promoting rich traditions as well as cultural values of the people.

TreasureThe book event featured reading by Miss Inioluwaniyi Akintoye. She read from chapter 14 of the book, entitled The Twins, to the admiration of all present. Akintoye gave an outstanding reading and rendition of the songs contained in the portion she read, thereby, bringing to the fore, the importance of reviving the reading culture of Nigerians by catching them young.

Reviewing the book, Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Professor Aderemi Raji stated that “I am one of those village boys who had trepidation in their heart, when they want to come to Lagos. …the experience presented in this book is what a typical Lagosian boy or girl will want to refer to as fiction. But this is not fiction. This is something very autobiographical, and we must thank Durodola for giving us this.

It is also sociology because it tells us about family, relations; and for me, most importantly, is the linguistic competence of someone who claims to be writing her first book. This book cannot be a first book. Funke must have been writing other books that she didn’t let us read, because this is a very mature work.”

Commending the author for publishing such material capable of transforming the society, the Executive Director Programmes, Nigerian Television Authority, Mrs Eugenia Abu noted that “As a broadcaster, she breaks the bank to bring it time and again, as a trainer, she believes it’s the best thing, to impart, impact and show by example, now as an author, she brings us all to tears with her new beguiling book, Memories of Grandma.

Abu who was represented by Mrs Helen Odeleye described Durodola as a broadcaster after her heart, who has followed in the footsteps of her forebears. According to her, “Funke Treasure Durodola is a broadcaster after my heart, following in the footsteps of her forebears, drinking deep of the wisdom of her mentors and becoming herself a formidable product of an incredible Nigerian Broadcast Tradition. I recommend this book to everyone.”

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