The presidential candidate of NCP, Martin Onovo, opens up in this exclusive interview

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2015 is the election year and it is barely a fortnight away. The presidential candidates for the participating political parties have all been announced and they are preparing to take their positions at the starting blocks.

Royary got an opportunity with the presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party and he obliged us with an interview. See what he had to say in answer to our questions.

Interview with Chief (Engr.) Martin Onovo, MS (Houston), MNSE, FInstTA. Presidential Candidate, NCP.

What are the major issues the electorate should bear in mind as they head for the polls next year?

The electorate must see the need for good governance and elect younger, stronger, more professional and ethical candidates to serve Nigeria better.

Our NCP government will reduce fuel price by domestic refining. We will use about $9 billion to double power generation, transmission and distribution in two and half years.

We will increase minimum wage by reducing maximum wage while maintaining the wage bill.

Which of the other candidates do you consider a contender and why?

 All candidates are contenders because they all have some supporters but a proper evaluation of candidates based on Vision, Vigour, Integrity, Competence and National Acceptability, will reveal the best candidate.

We don’t need an old, frail and sectional candidate who may cause problems or a clueless, corrupt, weak and ineffective candidate that may finally destroy Nigeria.

A newbreed, world-class engineering and management professional may be better to address our security problems and infrastructural inadequacies.

What makes the National Conscience Party distinct?

 The National Conscience Party is distinct as it is the oldest party and was founded by the late Chief Gani Fawehimmi, SAN, SAM, in 1994, out of the popular struggles he waged against abuse of power, injustice and lawlessness.

Our commitment to the principles of Integrity, Justice and Development clearly make us distinct.

Would you say INEC is ready/equipped or efficient enough to conduct a free and fair election?

 Since 1999, INEC has never conducted a free and fair election. The late President Yar’Adua confessed same in 2007.

The mistakes with the last election in Anambra state are worrisome.

Also the more recent challenges with ‘Permanent Voters Cards’ shows an INEC that has not improved.

Should you become President, what would you do differently?

 We will lead by example.

In security, we will improve Intelligence, Surveillance, Response Time and Capacity. We will restore the Pride and Effectiveness of our armed forces. We will confront and expel Boko Haram if they don’t surrender after a stern warning.

The Police will be made more professional and the NSCDC will be motivated, trained and equipped for improved performance.

The international community is watching Nigeria, do you believe they expect any better from Nigeria, after the elections?

 The international community always watches. I do not believe they expect any better because what they know and hear of us is unimaginable corruption and ineffectiveness.

They hear of $20 billion missing oil revenue, they know of one of the highest ‘Road fatalities per day’ in the world, they know of crude oil theft, they know of Chibok girls, they know of oil subsidy fraud and pension fraud, they know of six legislators suspending over twenty of their colleagues!

They know of our Governors and Ministers coming to their own countries for medical care. They know of our about 70% poverty rate (despite our national wealth), they know of our national debt and looming debt crisis, etc.

They know that we can do better with good governance. That is what we (in the NCP) promise our Nigerian people.

Thank you! God bless Nigeria!!

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