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NIGERIA: Fresh Crisis Rocks Labour Party over Misappropriated Funds

The  leadership of the Labour Party has been engulfed in crisis of confidence leading to the resignation of the Chairman of the party’s Board of Turstees, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu.

The party which is still trying to recover from crisis trailing its last convention held in Akure, saw its leadership being accused on Monday of financial misappropriation by Nwanyanwu.

In a statement issued by Nwanyanwu conveying his resignation, the former party chieftain said his grouse with the new chairman of the party, Alhaji Abdulkadir Salau, was for  his lack of transparency and accountability in the manner he handled the recently concluded nomination of candidates on the platform of the party for the 2015 general election.

“I regret to observe that events in the Labour Party especially with regard to the handling of the recently concluded nomination of candidates on the platform of the party for the 2015 general election are not in consonance with the integrity, transparency and accountability for which the Labour Party has been known over the years,” he said.

In the statement, he specifically attacked the leadership style of his successor accusing him of not hiding wise counsel but rather choosing to turn himself to the biblical Pharaoh.

“I have had cause to confront you personally with the information available to me regarding these matters of concern and I must admit that your incoherent answers created more doubts in my mind about your innocence.

“You are averse to genuine advice and you have turned yourself to the biblical Pharaoh whose heart was continually hardened even when God warned him.

“It is sad for you to use the good name of a Security Chief in this Country to justify your unpardonable action in connection with the huge funds that came from one of the South-south states as nomination fees for the party, thereby denying the party its legitimate funds.

“Did you consider this same security chief becoming aware of the criminal use of his name and consequently arresting you and your collaborators? What image would you have left of the party?  This is very sad and I do not want to be part of this mess amongst others.

“I have built my name since 1979 when I joined the Union Bank as a Clerk and participated actively in trade union activities therein. I became the President of the National Union of Banks Insurance and Financial Institution Employee (NUBIFIE) in 1989, a post I held up to 1992 when I attended the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru, Jos in 1992.  I was given a backdated promotion by Union Bank on August 11, 1988, out of the jurisdiction of the Union which made me loose my seat as the National President of NUBIFIE, while attending NIPSS.
“On completion of my course at NIPSS, I resigned my appointment with Union Bank of Nigeria on the February 16, 1993 and ever since, I have refrained from doing things untoward and against my conscience.

“I do not intend to narrate the details in this letter or to go public on the critical issues raised except I am compelled to do so.
“Mr. Chairman, you will agree with me that I made enormous sacrifices to build the Labour Party to its present enviable height over a period of ten years (10 years). The Labour Party achieved the character of a progressive political party that never compromised in its principles and ideals. The confidence of the leaders and members of the party in the National Working Committee (NWC), led by me as national chairman was earned and not assumed.

“At the expiration of my tenure, I stepped down as chairman and was indeed persuaded to accept the appointment made by the convention as Chairman, Board of Trustee of the Party. I accepted this appointment in good faith in order to continue to contribute to the growth of the party.

“I regret to state that with the turn of events, so soon after your assumption of office as National Chairman, I am unable to continue to hold the office of Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Party or to continue to associate with the party as a member.

“Consequently, I hereby tender my resignation both as chairman of Board of Trustees of Labour Party and member of the party. I have already taken steps to effect my resignation as member of the party at my ward as required by the party constitution,” he said.

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