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NIGERIA: Dubai Banned Us Because Of “Jealousing” – Dame Patience

Earlier this week, the UAE shocked Nigeria by announcing visa restrictions for Nigerians who wish to visit their country.

They were especially particular on the age of prospective female visitors, who form the bulk of Nigerians going to Dubai, either to buy wares or for Pleasure (applicants being up to 30, or 40 or so and with a chaperone before being eligible to enter the UAE).

The First Lady, Dame Patience Faka Jonathan has not taken lightly to this perceived injustice against the hard working women of Nigeria.

She attributed the new travel restrictions to ‘Jealousing’, and articulated her grievances somewhat during a chat with our correspondent.
See, me I don’t understand them. All I know is that Dubai banned Nigeria because of ‘jealousy’.
“Yes o, Dubai is ‘jealousing’ us. Some people are thinking that we get that ban because many Nigerians have been displaying immoral behaviours in tDubai. But it’s a lie my brother, they are jealousing our women’
‘Is our fault that we like party? Dubai is vexing because we know how to party in their own country more than them. Is our fault that our girls can dress? Wearing the best cloth, including ankara, brocade, lace, coupion, and gown and mini skirt to their club to show them how to dance? Is our fault our girls can dance? Any style, Shoki, Galala, Native dance, we are there. Dubai is vexing because our girls is hot. Is our fault that we have so many young Nigerian boys who God have blesse with money visiting their country? Buying property up and down? They should work hard on the internet too na”
“Dubai, stop hating our people. Stop ‘jealousing’ us. The sky is big for all of us to fly. Don’t insulting us by telling us to travel with a supervising adult of over 40 before you grant us visa. Ahn ahn. See beef oh.”
“I want to ask the First Lady of Dubai to please let my people travel with Peace. We know they are vexing because our swag is too much. Instead they should asking us to be doing the swag small small. We will understand. We are good people. We will do it. Banning our girls is not necessring. Don’t they know we have homes and hotels and other investments in their country? Ahn ahn. Dubai, don’t be vexing hot vex like this. It’s not good for the health, oo? Oya lift the ban and come let us come and throw you party, Me and Ebele, immediately after we win election. Stop doing guy.”
PS: If the Nigerian government does not intensify its efforts to develop this country, insults like this would continue from developed countries like the UAE where we go to seek refuge, causing our First Lady to unleash more media gaffes on our already suffering foreign image.

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