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The only reason northerners want to die in power is because of our oil -Asari Dokubo

AsariThe revelation by Senator Ita Enang, representing Akwa-Ibom North that over 80% of the oil blocs in the country are owned by Northerners, ex- militant leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to immediately revoke the licences.
“We must sound it clear to our brother, Jonathan, that if he fails to do something about it, we shall take our destiny on our own hands,” he said.

“It’s not a threat, but a warning to our brother to act fast.” According to the leader of the Niger/Delta Peoples Volunteers Force, the revelation has justified the reason behind the restiveness in the Niger Delta.
Asari said: “Can you now see what we have been fighting for? We own the oil and we are suffering for it. Is it a curse to have oil in our land?

“Now, you see why these Northerners want to die in power. The oil we have is being controlled by them. Is that not funny?”See, let me tell you, if Jonathan fails to revoke the licences, we will take our destiny in our hands. We will not sleep any more for people to take what belongs to us. Nigerians must stand to resist a set of cabals that turned our country to their personal empire.

“One single person is richer than Nigeria. They are sucking our blood. Our land is being destroyed every day. No water, we can’t fish anymore; the land is polluted. Yet, none of our people in the Niger/Delta controlls an oil bloc” he fumed

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