Jonathan’s Six Week Marshall Plan for Which Election was Postponed Leaks

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Contrary to the make believe by the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki that the military will be prosecuting a six weeks war against the Boko Haram insurgents group in the north east and therefore would not be able to provide security if the 2015 general elections were to hold as earlier scheduled in February, Abusidiqu has learnt from very reliable sources that the six weeks postponement of the election as announced by INEC was actually to enable the Jonathan government carry out a marshal plan aimed at winning the 2015 presidential election at all cost.

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega had on Saturday announced a shift in the 2015 general election earlier scheduled for February 14 and 28.

Announcing the commission’s decision, Jega said said the elections have to be postponed after the nation’s security agencies indicated to the commission that they were not available to support the elections planned for February 14 and 28.

He said security agencies told INEC that they were commencing a six-week special operation due to start February 14 against Boko Haram insurgents in the north eastern corridors of the country and would rather not be distracted by the elections.

This decision by the security forces, he said, rendered INEC’s readiness and hitherto insistence to go ahead with the elections a risky venture.

But impeccable sources told Abusidiqu that the postponement was necessitated by the impending defeat the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was facing had the February 14 election date stood.

Jonathan, one of our source said had in the last few weeks commissioned agencies within and outside the country, including the United State, Israel and Canada to conduct opinion poll on who is likely to win the 2015 presidential election between him and APC rival, General Muhammadu Buhari. But in all of the poll results, Jonathan was roundly defeated by Buhari, a development that did not go down well with the presidency.

The source said the best result the Jonathan had in one of the opinion poll was 40%, while Buhari had the worst score of 60%.

Abusidiqu recalls that several opinion polls organised in Nigeria, most of which were spearheaded by individuals and groups loyal or sympathetic to President Jonathan returned Buhari with the highest number of polled votes. The latest of such poll was the one organised by Africa Independent Television (AIT), which was pulled down as Buhari was leading with about 79% on the grounds the site was undergoing maintenance. The TV station was to claim days later that Buhari supporters hacked the polling site, a claim experts discovered was forged and manipulated to discredit Buhari.

It was on this basis that the plot to postpone the election was hatched so as to give the PDP more time to perfect its rigging plan.

The plot initially was the use the none collection of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) as the basis for the postponement of the election, but when it became clear that this was not going to work, following the insistence by INEC that it was ready for the election, the Service Chiefs were brought in to use security as the determining factor.

The Jonathan govt, using the military and their security report as a kill to get Jega to postpone the election for six weeks as requested by the service chiefs have put together a six weeks marshal plan with which it will perfect its plans to win the election.

The first among the marshal plan of the govt is to revive the 2011 support for President Jonathan by using state resources to curry as many people as possible to support Jonathan the same way he was supported in the last election.

Also included in the marshal plan is to actualise the greed of northern traditional ruler where Buhari is believed to have more support than the president by bribing them with huge boxes of hard currencies and promises of oil wells if President Jonathan is returned to office.

The marshal plan also contained strategies for the rigging of the election with the use of soldiers tointimidate voters on the day of election and rig the votes. This plan seem to have already commence as the Nigerian govt allegedly began a three-day meeting with commanders of army formations in Kaduna today.

With an audiotape of how Ekiti election was rigged by top government functionaries, this should not really come as a surprise.

The Jonathan govt as part of the marshal plan is also planning to win over as many disgruntled PDP members as possible. This they hope to achieve by dangling huge sums of money before them with the believe that many of them have gone broke, especially since the conduct of the party primaries last year.

The govt is also considering the option of intimidating the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega as well as the states resident electoral commissioner to do to the bidding of the PDP.

The plot is to get Jega to quit his job aa the commission’s boss and replace him with a less independent minded person who will do the bidding of the PDP.

The source who is privy to this details said the Jonathan govt are very confident that with this marshal plans to be executed with the next few weeks, the presidency is as good as won for President Goodluck Jonathan. However, if all the plans fail, then come the option of an interim government which the army headed by the Chief of Army Staff, General Kenneth Minimah will work out.

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