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How the might has fallen -Governor Rotimi Amaechi – A man who can’t keep his words has no value.

AmaechiGovernor Rotimi Amaechi used to be admired by a lot of people not because he has exemplified himself as one of the best Governors, but because he called former President Obasanjo's bluff. However, recent happenings surrounding the man is nothing to write him about. He has really lost credibility in my own opinion and i know majority of people share same view.

My criticism is hinged on his sudden attitude since he found himself on the opposition camp. He has not been able to manage himself properly like he did when he was in PDP and Chairman Governors forum.

Recently, some comments were attributed to Amaechi, comments that can be made by motor park tout. He was credited to have deduced that over his dead body would President Goodluck Jonathan use the new PORT-HARCOURT stadium for his campaign. A stadium the governor was happy to allow his political party, the APC use during their campaign flag off few weeks back. While such comments should not be coming from a Governor of a state, a state that is very important like River state should not take such condescending remark from their governor even if Amaechi is so daft not to recognise the implication of not even keeping to his swear comments are more damaging to his political career and that of his political party.

Yesterday, he was again credited with another pronouncement. He was alleged to have said that if INEC postpones the February 14th general election, he will abandon his executive duties to protest on the street. While that statement was made yesterday, it is too early to make a clear statement whether he will keep to his promise this time around or abscond the second time. If he fails to do as quoted, then his integrity is questionable.

Gov Amaechi exemplifies all that is bad about our politics. A man in an exalted position should not be seen as flippantly illogical in comments attributed to him and obtuse in most of his gestures. My father taught me it was important to mean what you say and follow through on your promises by ensuring that you keep to promises because it is an integrity related issue. Could anyone in his logical mind say that Gov Amaechi has integrity? I am afraid he has completely lost all rudiment of gentility and gradually embracing political bestiality just to get back to PDP, his former party. If Amaechi was to be in PDP, with all these political blunder attributed to him, it will be fun reading the manner APC media and Dele Momodu will describe him.

I am of the opinion that PDP left Amaechi better than they met him but APC has made a mess of the man's political career as this man can't be the once indefatigable chairman of Nigeria's governors forum.

Gov Amaechi, why are you slowly going into oblivion?

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