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Polytechnic student goes for HND exam in her wedding dress

A Higher National Diploma (HND) student of the Kaduna Polytechnic showed up at the examination hall in her wedding dress, just a few minutes after saying her vows.

The unnamed lady was said to have breezed into the venue, accompanied by her groom, the bestman and the maid of honour to write her HND 1 examination which was taking place on her wedding day.

The bridal party patiently waited for the bride to finish writing her exams, after which they proceeded to the wedding reception.

This might sound like something from a Nollywood movie, but judging by the photo evidence we have here, it seems the 'real-life drama' actually happened.

But come to think of it – if you were the bride, would you go to the exam hall on your wedding day or would you skip the paper and write it later as a carry over?

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